We are in the business of transforming how people use wood for their furniture works. We work relentlessly at enforcing more transparency in the plywood market and pushing for more awareness about eco-friendly & sustainable practices to move towards a more responsible timber industry. Additional to that we are hardened advocates for using more “Sustainably Sourced”​ timber in building materials instead of alternative materials because contrary to popular viewpoint, using sustainably sourced timber has the lowest carbon footprint among all its alternatives such as steel, glass, plastic, aluminium,etc. Using Wood in your home construction is not only aesthetically pleasing but also the best option environmentally considered.



We don’t just make promises on our product quality, we uphold and stand behind them with utmost integrity. Almost all our products come with Warranty periods including Lifetime Warranty.


Building It Better

We strive everyday to make our systems more efficient, our operations smoother, our communications clearer, but most important of all, our products better by speedily adopting technologies.



The most important way we can help our partners & customers is by being completely transparent in our working and empowering them with all the information they need to make a smart decision.



We know our customers have a lot of options when it comes to plywood and therefore the only way we can honor their trust is by making sure we deliver what we promised and when we promised.

Our Partner’s Program

We do better when our partners do better. Our business growth is predicated on growth of our partners in the role of distributors, end retailers, architects, or contractors. It therefore makes sense that we focus a great deal of our energy on supporting and empowering our partners in every possible way. Avron Ply is a brand trusted and marketed by over 400 (and counting) partners across India. On account of the overwhelming opportunity in the market, we intend to push forward with more intensity and ambition than ever before. We believe the only way ahead is to focus single-mindedly on getting the basics right and doing it better than anyone else. Our partner’s program, should you choose to accept our proposal, is focused on empowering you to increase your business exponentially.


You Sell More, We Sell More

We focus on increasing your sales whether it be through guerilla marketing campaigns in your locality or through personal sales – meeting your most valuable clients (MVC) personally to strengthen your relationship with them.


Refer A Project

We encourage you to refer us any upcoming project leads or any contact persons who might have bulk enquiries. We try and cater to their need and if we manage to seal a deal with them, you get a commission on every sale we make to them.


Local Exclusivity

We ensure you get the benefit of local exclusivity of our brand where you can sell Avron Ply without any local competitor competing for your clients attention. Competing on the same product is a zero sum game and we do not intend to play that game.


Total Quality

All of the above propositions is supported by our promise of total quality service where you benefit from our short delivery times, delivery punctuality, quick response to unexpected orders & product quality consistency.